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Contemporary art



At the beginning a question: the balance in each one of the Feminine-Masculine, of the Yin and the Yang, which composes each being. How do we know if we are in this balance? And then a strong feeling, like a truth that we re-discover, this link to our Earth, this Mother Earth that nourishes us physically, emotionally. This deep belief of being a child of this Earth that teaches us, through nature and its observation, the lessons of life.The subjects come from meditations, the story told arrived in regular waves of dreams since childhood. A civilization, beliefs, knowledge, a volcano, a tsunami... a renewal, a rebirth... And the need to see these buried memories translated when discovering the technique of painting on silk. This living material, untamable, surprising. It moves, distorts the lines, plays with its colors in the changing light, dances with its transparency. The truth is subjective, but if it is experienced by an individual, it undeniably exists. The truth that these paintings tell evolves, it tells our link to Mother Earth, to our history, it reveals a buried collective memory. It gives a place to the storytellers, to those who transmit, who welcome, who heal. She tells the story of a woman's vision, her reflections on the place of Man and the role of women in the learning process towards harmony. She tells a reflection, with many questions and answers: strong feelings.

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