Shipping costs

Delivery fees are offered for any delivery in France or in the European Union.

For deliveries in the overseas territories and outside the European Union, charges will be calculated according to the characteristics of the works and the delivery address. Our partners have developed online solutions to automatically calculate delivery charges. These apply according to the place of collection, delivery and the characteristics of the products. These calculated costs are presented to any buyer for a delivery outside France and the European Union before the validation of the order. They are charged in addition to the price of the work.

To ensure a quality service, Alfred has developed partnerships with approved transporters who take care of the removal of the works directly to the artist’s studio until delivery to the collector’s address. For any order placed on Alfred of a work of art equal or superior to 5.000€, the delivery will be taken care of by ThePackengers, a service provider specialized in the transport of works of art and recognized on the art market.

The transport of the works of art also includes nail-to-nail insurance.

We remind the buyer that it is important to check the condition of the package and the products upon delivery. If the buyer notices a problem with the delivery, we invite him/her not to accept the package and to send a complaint by e-mail to the customer service of the carrier whose coordinates will be transmitted to the buyer in the order confirmation e-mail.

Alfred works in partnership with ThePackengers

As a subsidiary of ESI Group, ThePackengers has been building on its expertise since 1929. A tech/web team of engineers, well versed in logistics, operates there. As well as 70 packers experienced in handling and packing fragile and valuable objects.

ThePackengers has 7.000 m² ofspace workshop dedicated to packaging and wrapping. From simple cardboard boxes to wooden crates and 35,000 m² of storage space. ThePackengers has 9 subsidiaries worldwide. The entity is approved as a customs and IATA agent.